Endless Run: Jungle Escape 2

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Run through the jungle as you try to get your hands on the hidden treasure in this exhilarating endless runner game.
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Endless Run: Jungle Escape 2 is a phenomenal and gripping plat former endless runner game in which you’ll be helping your clan of treasure hunters escape a creepy jungle where they’ll be chased by vicious creatures. Other than the exciting setting and perfect execution of core elements, Endless Run: Jungle Escape 2 offers some extremely well-designed gameplay and is definitely among the better runner games that we’ve come across over the years so we highly recommend checking it out if you get the chance as it checks all the boxes. The game also features a short tutorial for newcomers so if anyone needs some help with the basics, this tutorial will help you.

The gameplay definitely seems a bit peculiar at first sight because this is actually a level-based game and this usually isn’t the case with most endless runner games. Fortunately, though, this actually helps improve the experience as it makes for gameplay that feels more refreshing. Each level of the game will require you to get to the end without colliding into obstacles and, alongside this, you’ll also have certain objectives to complete in every level you play such as gathering clues or collecting rare artifacts along your way. These objectives aren’t necessary to progressing through the game as you’ll be allowed to move onto the next level whether or not you do them but, if you want a good score. The core gameplay mechanics themselves look fairly smooth and it’s quite enjoyable to jump and navigate through the game’s various levels so, all things considered, you’ll definitely be pleased with what the game brings to the table.

The game also features tons of boosters that can be acquired during the run so make the most of them every time you get one. The visuals of the game are terrific. The game will take you across dense jungles and every one of these locations is crafted with perfection so you’ll certainly be kept thoroughly immersed as you enjoy the visual experience.

Overall, Endless Run: Jungle Escape 2 is a fabulous game with brilliant gameplay that feels enjoyable from first minute till the last.