Higher Lower

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Enjoy this simple yet thoroughly addicting card game that’s going to have you glued to your screen for countless hours. Play Now Higher Lower large

Nowadays we have multitudes of different card games available to enjoy, some are quite in-depth whereas some focus on providing players with a straightforward but engaging experience and Higher Lower falls into the latter category. This is a captivating and highly engaging game that we definitely recommend getting into if you’re on the lookout for a card game that isn’t too complex but is enjoyable nonetheless.

The gameplay of Higher Lower, as you can tell by the name, revolves around guessing whether the next card on the deck is going to be higher or lower than the current card. The game starts off fairly easy as it’ll only begin with a single suit but, as you keep guessing and progressing further, the difficulty will be increased as more suits will be added and it’ll become that much harder to guess thereby making things more challenging but also more intense and engaging.

The graphics of Higher Lower feature a fairly straightforward yet appealing design that doesn’t disappoint. The game features lively colors and sharp card designs, the backgrounds look clean and their minimalistic design complements the overall experience nicely, the interface is sleek and, overall, Higher Lower is spot-on visually. All things considered, this is definitely a game worth looking into for those who want a straightforward but engaging card game that doesn’t disappoint.